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Letter: City should take holistic approach to YDC property

Published: February 12, 2017 12:00 AM

I was dismayed to read City Manager Howington's recent comments about the future of the YDC property, saying it was good the project is now on the back burner because if it had been developed sooner, the city would have gotten "assisted living or some kind of senior living, which would not have really added to the city's income tax sources."

Might I suggest that the city take a more holistic approach to its long-term planning? I know of many longtime Hudson residents who have left this community in their retirement years simply because Hudson lacks good options for older residents who want housing that will allow them to age in place. Yes, they pay fewer taxes compared to their prime earning years, but they significantly donate their experience, knowledge and time to countless organizations (including city boards) that everyone in Hudson benefits from. It's not cash in city coffers, but it certainly is of significant value. How sad to lose this passion, energy and wisdom, as well as the stability longtime residents bring to our community.

And what a sad commentary that communities like Stow, Medina and Cuyahoga Falls have addressed this challenge while Hudson has not. In fact, the YDC property would make a stunning location for a low-rise, low-density cottage community where seniors looking to remain Hudson residents could find suitable housing. I'm sure even modest market research would confirm high interest among potential buyers. If the city believes there is a market for a medical research center or other such enterprise, why not promote Hudson Crossings instead?

Please save YDC for a better use one that could preserve much of its open space while addressing a true community need. There is already way too much blight at the intersection of Route 8 and Hines Hill Road.

Nora Jacobs Snider, Hudson

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