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Letter: Wishes to save Darrowville home

Published: August 3, 2014 12:00 AM

On behalf of the Hudson Heritage Association board, I want to expand on the article that appeared July 20 regarding the proposed demolition of 5122 Darrow Road, one of the houses in Hudson's historic Darrowville.

Darrowville is a unique settlement tracing its roots to Hudson's earliest days. Founder George Darrow and his brother were surveyors for the David Hudson party when it came west from Connecticut. George and his wife were the first couple married in Hudson.

Over the years, a small farming community grew up in Darrowville. Like Case-Barlow Farm, the surviving century homes there are testaments to Hudson's earliest days and the individuals who had the courage and stamina to build a community in what was then the western fringes of the United States. There were likely other settlements similar to Darrowville throughout this region. Unfortunately, most have succumbed to development and the urge to "do something" with perceived prime real estate. One need only travel a few miles north or south of Hudson to see what has happened when commercialization trumps other priorities.

Even when District 9 was created, Hudson planners recognized Darrowville's importance, characterizing it as "the southern gateway to the community," urging that its historic structures be preserved whenever feasible. It would be a sad legacy for future generations if this historic section of town were allowed to be dismantled piece by piece because maintaining the properties or finding suitable uses is challenging.

There's no question maintaining structures more than 100 years old requires an investment of both time and money. Those of us who have made that investment have done so because we willingly accept the obligation to help preserve the character that makes Hudson so unique. We hope those with a stake in the future of Darrowville will recognize their obligation as well.

Julie Ann Hancsak, President of Hudson Heritage Association

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