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Letter: Acting city manager overlooked by City Council

Published: July 30, 2014 12:00 AM

Watched some of recent Council meeting when agenda included acting city manager receiving recognition and a reward. I didn't watch it all, but I assumed the motions were to appoint him to full-time city manager and compensate him accordingly. I got bored, so I turned it off.

Later a phone call from a friend clarified that a bonus was approved, and then I found out Council appointed a new city manager. And of course our new administrator is from some other part of the country. Surprise! Council protects its decisions by hiring outside consultants. What did the search cost us when home-grown talent exists?

What perverse notion prompted such a decision? Accolades to the acting city manager, a bonus and whoops!.. he's not good enough to be promoted to the top job!

Listening to member comments about the job done by Scott Schroyer, his familiarity with the city, the roles he has played adds up to a miscarriage of justice. The new city manager, regardless of experience, will be compensated handsomely, and our continuing acting city manager will be counted on to carry her load. So we have a top heavy city administration with lots of chiefs ... soon they'll be asking for more Indians and ask for more operating monies.

Don Flower, Hudson

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