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LETTERLooking at trash situation in Hudson

Published: July 13, 2014 12:00 AM

This is a follow-up to a recent letter having to do with the trash situation in Hudson.

Several years ago I wrote a letter to the editor and also contacted council members. Although a couple of council members seemed interested in tackling the problem there was no general enthusiasm.

As I see the situation there are three major reasons why some action should be taken.

The numerous trash trucks running around on an almost daily basis are not doing our streets any favors. A person in public works indicated to me that only the snow plows do more damage to the streets.

Uncovered trash containers are sitting curbside on almost a daily basis which is unsightly, and whenever we have a windy day or animals decide to investigate, trash is scattered along the streets.

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Individual home owners would probably see a reduction in their trash disposal costs if the city had some type of plan to limit the number of carriers. Based on the recent Bath prices, my costs would drop by more than 50 percent.

If the city doesn't want to get involved in administering a program, it could follow the lead of Aurora and Bath where it is my understanding that the carrier is responsible for billing the home owners directly.

I understand that a committee of the Council is planning a survey of the residents before it reaches any conclusion. I am not aware of other city issues where the Council surveys the constituents prior to making a decision.

I urge the Council to consider the possible options and move ahead promptly.

William C. Butler,


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