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LETTERSShowing IDs helps prevent fraud

Published: July 6, 2014 12:00 AM

Reading the

letter in the June 29 edition regarding voter ID, I was saddened by the state of discourse befallen our country. It appears that the president's leadership style has become pervasive in his followers as Mr. Kotheimer's letter is as divisive as any of Mr. Obama's comments. Why do liberals' resort to straw men arguments or race baiting instead of just commenting on a subject by presenting the logic upon which their position is formed?

As an American citizen, I don't want anyone who is not a citizen of this country voting in any election here, and everyone only gets to vote once for themselves. In order to register, proof of citizenship should be required, and to vote, photo proof of identification. The fact that the federal government did away with that proof requirement in 1993 is impossible to understand just as it is nonsense to allow a vote without proving who you are. Otherwise, why should anyone have to show an ID to buy a gun, which is also the right of even non-citizens in this country?

As for "proof" of fraud, can someone tell me how we would know that underage people were buying alcohol if we did not require a photo ID for purchase? The facts that citizenship is not proven in some states to register and voting identification in many is by the word of the individual, it would be nearly impossible to determine if fraud is occurring. On the other hand, in Chicago, voting "early and often" and "dead people vote, too," did not become colloquialisms without some truth behind them.

Please help stop this insanity.

Robert Medcalf,


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