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Letter: Less trash pickups good for streets

Published: July 2, 2014 12:00 AM

I feel the need to continue a dialogue about the Hudson trash pickup. Like the earlier writer, I have always been confused as to why our city cannot negotiate on our behalf for trash pickup so that we may have one provider. Due to having five approved trash haulers which all provide the same service, we have no less than 10 loud and heavy trucks up and down our streets each week when we only need two. Setting aside my personal preference to possibly pay this expense on a pre-tax basis through my real estate taxes (it would save many of us money), and even assuming there isn't a general price benefit aggregating the service (certainly there ought to be), wouldn't we all enjoy a break from the visual and auditory noise as well as the decreased wear and tear on the streets from the now requisite weekly five-fold truck traffic?

Alex Constable,


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