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Letter: Single hauler rubbish program a good idea

Published: June 18, 2014 12:00 AM

My letter is

in regards to the possibility of revamping Hudson's rubbish and recycling collection services. Approximately 11 years ago I moved from a neighboring community where I served multiple terms as a city councilman. I led the same discussion and eventual adoption of a citywide single hauler rubbish program. Our logic; much better pricing, much less damage from truck traffic to our city streets and rubbish visible only once each week per neighborhood.

One year after moving to Hudson, I attended several committee and City Council meetings in an effort to convince the powers to be of the advantages. I was met with opposition to the tune of, "We are Americans and should have the right to choose our own trash hauler." For 10 years we have been paying double the price of surrounding communities. My fellow "Americans" and City Councilmen, how has that been working out for you?

According to a US Government Highway Study, one 30 to 40-ton truck does as much damage to a road as 9,600 cars. The average Gross Vehicle Weight of a trash truck can exceed 60,000 pounds.

I am told as Hudsonites we are progressive thinkers. So why should the "color" of a trash truck matter? Our City Council "borrows" millions of dollars for road reconstruction, why not just borrow a good idea?

Stephen Kolar, Hudson

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