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Upset with lack of coverage on teachers' contract

Published: May 28, 2014 12:00 AM

I have been reading the

steady debate over the railroad bridge graffiti for the last several months. I am confounded by the attention it has commanded from some very articulate people. I don't have an opinion on this $200 - $1,000 problem because I am much more interested in the renewal of the teachers' contract with the Hudson City School district, set to happen in the next month. That contract represents something between $40 million-$60 million of taxpayer money.

This newspaper has been complicit in distracting the people from important issues by running months worth of graffiti letters and not once mentioning that the school board has met in executive session -- during that whole time -- about the contract.

Well played, graffiti artists. The contract will slip right by the public without so much as whisper until it is a done deal -- just the way the union and district would like it.

One eyesore will do far less damage to this town than the unrelenting tax burden has already done.

Wake up, Hudson.

Sarah G. Norman, Hudson

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modest Jun 4, 2014 8:56 PM

Dear Commonsense,

Thank you for recommended that I research our teachers salaries and compare them to those  school districts that are at the same level  as our district.  It was an incredible job but one that I am glad I did.  I found out that our teacher's salaries are comparable to other school districts of the same calibar.  By continuing to pay our teachers proper market salaries, we are able to remain competitive, attract top talent and serve all the children of this district to the highest degree.  I don't see our children or this school district as a tax burden but an asset to this wonderful community.  Thank you for opening my eyes to how some members of our community view our children and their education.

God Bless You

commonsense1 May 30, 2014 7:42 AM

Mrs. Norman is exactly right.  We'll see a press release from the school board in a couple of weeks announcing the teacher's contract renewal; providing 4% annual salary increases in addition to step/longevity pay increases.  This will be followed by an announcement proposing a new permanent tax levy "for the kids".

In our experience, while many Hudson teachers are wonderful, some are truly awful.  Collective bargaining, combined with a very cozy relationship between the union and the school board, ensures that they're all paid extremely well compared to their peers in neighboring communities.  Hudson residents would be well-served to research our teachers' salary levels compared to other "Excellent" and "Excellent with Distinction" school districts in Summit and Portage County.