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LETTERSClarifying last month's graffiti letter

Published: April 23, 2014 12:00 AM

May I please take a moment to further clarify my letter published in the Hub on March 23.

My comments addressed the "Seniors 2014" in-your-face graffiti which adorns the railroad overpass in our downtown. It is obvious that the vandalism was perpetrated by only a few of our seniors and not by the entire student population of Hudson, grades K through 12. I clearly stated "The ungrateful seniors who created this recent graffiti will most likely never confess their deed and their enabling parents will undoubtedly never be held financially responsible." The keywords are "their enabling parents." I am guessing the painting was done by one, two, or three students at most so how can that be misconstrued as a "denigration" of all Hudson parents? I believe it only labels the parents of these vandals and in no way accuses or insults all of the many fine families in our town.

Hudson Police who diligently patrol our streets noticed the finished artwork at 3:34 a.m. which means the act was perpetrated some time shortly before that hour. The vast majority of responsible parents know the whereabouts of their underage children and do not allow them to break curfew laws. How many concerned and caring parents would knowingly allow their kids to risk a possible deadly fall from a bridge just to create this latest tribute to a school class?

I am happy to see that this matter is getting some much needed attention. Hats-off to our Hudson Communications Manager Jody Roberts and let's hope the railroad will give approval to paint both bridges in the not too distant future. And please put my name at the top of the list if our city workers will accept any help from grateful volunteers.

David Kindt, Hudson

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