Letter: Railroad graffiti prank goes too far


We have great high school kids in Hudson, and I understand kids doing pranks.

I also love traditions.

However this graffiti is on private property and is on a busy and dangerous train overpass.

When I was in high school, we painted a rock before football games, which was a fun tradition. It was not in an area where it was a public eyesore or on private property.

It was not in a dangerous location. The city "allowed" it because it was harmless fun.

It may be time for Hudson High School students to start a new tradition.

Last year there was an idea to put attractive Hudson murals on the railroad overpass.

I like this idea, but don't know if Norfolk Southern would allow it.

I also wonder if some barriers could be installed to keep children from access to this dangerous overpass.

It would be a tragedy if a teenager got injured on those tracks.

Melanie Will, Hudson


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