Letter: Discusses importance of Cuyahoga Falls Good Neighbors' efforts


I have been

volunteering with Good Neighbors and participated in its Christmas program which provides food, clothes, household goods and gifts for countless families needing assistance in our area.

These four days brought me back from the commercialism of the holiday and made me remember the reasons for the season. Working alongside these dedicated volunteers showed me what a united group could accomplish in helping their community. Many thanks to the people who just stopped in to give us a hand during this busy time, especially the then Mayor-elect Don Walters. It was so good to see a leader of our community taking interest and giving up time for this worthy group.

I hope that more people will understand how needed this agency continues to be for Cuyahoga Falls and the surrounding areas. I can't express how desperately they need a permanent home to provide an even more effective support system.

I'm hoping that 2014 will be a Happy "Good Neighbor" Year.

Sandi Gula,

Cuyahoga Falls

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