Where in Hudson is this? for Jan. 1

by Liz Murphy | Desination hudson Published:

Happy New Year! Jolly Santa is on a little island in the middle of the small pond in front of 154 W. Prospect St., several houses west of Morse Road. I met the owners shortly after I took a picture of a glowing alligator seemingly crawling out of the pond last summer. Quite startling at 6 a.m. Keep an eye on the pond - there is often something new on display.

Did you know -

Turner's Mill, current home of Rosewood Grill, Dollar Bank and Morgan Stanley, was built in 1852 as the Hudson Planing and Lumber Company. In 1873, the building was turned into a grain mill, and produced 50 barrels a day at that time. Perfection, Crown and Crystal flours came from this mill. In 1930 Francis Turner turned it back into a Lumber & Supply company, and the complex has retained the name Turner's Mill ever since.

In the early 1970s, the main building became the Turner's Mill Shopping Complex, and housed Joan Fox's Corner Shoppe, a dentist, Chic Tesmer's watch repair and Knight Cleaners, among others. In the mid-80s, the Buchanan family of Hudson bought the property and opened the Inn at Turner's Mill, which delighted Hudson residents and visitors with fabulous food and music for almost 18 years. Shortly after The Inn closed in 2007, Hospitality Restaurants announced it would renovate the property and open Rosewood Grill, their sixth area restaurant, in 2009.

And another bit of history right across E. Streetsboro Street from Rosewood - in 1951 the Masonic Lodge opened on the corner of College and Streetsboro. Before that time, that block building was the Hudson school bus garage, with an unfinished upper floor.

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