Where in Hudson is this?

by Liz Murphy | Destination Hudson Published:

Each week since July, Destination Hudson has been presenting a photo of something in Hudson, along with a fact about our town. This week gave me the most responses I have ever received - lots of people have driven down Owen Brown Street and seen the stunning reindeer. The background story of this creation is as magical as she is herself. In 1954, Halle's Department Store in Cleveland commissioned a display house in New York to make two reindeer. Sadly, for liability reasons the City of Cleveland wouldn't let Halle's put them on the sidewalk outside the store, so they ended up in storage. Eventually two employees of Halle's each bought one, and one of these gentlemen moved to Hudson on Valley View Road, where the reindeer appeared each holiday season for many years . It happened that Matt and Lisa Greene often drove down Valley View, and it became a tradition to watch for the reindeer each year.

About eight years ago, Lisa put a note in the mailbox on Valley View, saying that they would love to buy the reindeer if it were ever for sale. And then this past August, a "For Sale" sign appeared on the house. Matt talked to the owner who said he would consider calling the Greene's when the house sold. And so it came to be that just this Thanksgiving the Greene family brought the giant reindeer home to Owen Brown Street, and named her "Halle". Halle needed a lot of refurbishment - all the years outside had taken their toll, but she is once again as stunning as she was in 1954. Matt and Lisa are pleased to share this magical creature with all of Hudson. Her antlers blend into the trees in the yard during the day, but if you are on Owen Brown Street at night (or early morning), look to the north when you come to the stop sign for old First Street. The best way to take your time admiring Halle would be to park in the Heinen's lot and walk through to Owen Brown. Halle will be right in front of you. And for all of you who wonder why a female deer has such stunning antlers, unlike deer that we see running about town, both male and female reindeer usually have antlers.

On Jan. 1, we will start a new year with a new photographic challenge. Thanks for all your positive comments about the column - I am enjoying myself immensely!

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