Letter: Response to Children of Ubumi letter


I'm writing in response to a guest column you recently published. The column, titled Children of Ubumi Benefit From Generous People of Hudson, by Penny Frese, in the Dec. 15 issue, refers to research conducted by Dr. Bruce Wydick of the University of San Francisco. That research was conducted to determine the effectiveness of only one child sponsorship organization: Compassion International. However, Frese uses the very specific results from the study on Compassion to apply to a completely different organization that wasn't even part of the research project. This is not only erroneous, it's misleading and attempts to give credit to one organization for another's work.

Compassion is very proud of the work we do and the impact we are making on the lives of children in poverty around the world. We have worked very hard for the past 62 years to get the kind of results mentioned in the Wydick study. While I'm sure Children of Ubumi is doing great work on behalf of its beneficiaries, it is wrong to try to imply that they (or any other organization) would achieve the same type of impact found in the study. I'm asking that you please clarify that these findings were confined to one organization and one organization only: Compassion International.

Tim Glenn, USA Communications Director, Compassion International

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