Letter: Time for our troops to return home


The American

people were promised that all troops were to be out of Afghanistan by the end of 2014. Now Secretary of State John Kerry is attempting to get a deal signed that would leave as many as 15,000 troops there for another 10 years. Kerry is trying to insist that the deal be signed by the end of 2013, but the Afghan president wants to wait until after their April 2014 elections. He wants our help at the polls, which is outrageous.

Karzai also wants equipment and the deal calls for $4 billion a year in aid. They also want the authority to prosecute Americans in Afghanistan for perceived future crimes. I realize that President Barack Obama is commander in chief. But shouldn't Congress have to approve any deal with a foreign nation? Also the House of Representatives should be required to approve the disbursement of any funds, especially to a foreign nation.

How many more lives need to be lost and destroyed in a futile war? How many more of our tax dollars need to be spent in this war, and how can we keep sending them billions of dollars while deep cuts are being made in our own military, including pay and benefits? I have a friend whose son has had to pay for his food, amounting to half of a meager paycheck. Supposedly, the troops will not be combat, but they are still Americans sacrificing their lives and their futures.

Linda Gracey, Twinsburg

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