Letter: Is Ellsworth Meadows golf course worth all the expense?


Ah, Hudson…

Glocca Morra, River City, Brigadoon… sister cities all. Neither Peyton Place, nor Rock Ridge, or Bate's Motel. Hudson where damsels in distress are rescued, we "hear not a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day." It's always a "good day in Hudson."

Twenty years ago we went from Hudson Village/Township, to the Village of Hudson City, and finally to the City of Hudson. The birth pains were enormous as we passed through these stages till today. Think budgets and expenses. I see where our golf course is just a few yards of concrete and permanent golf paths away from financial success. Greater revenues; little cost. And connectivity, why we're just a drive and a putt away from a "birdie"-- a city interlinked with bike lanes, sidewalks, park paths…..a direct route to Ellsworth Meadows from anywhere in the city.

Ever since we acquired "Big Springs" (purportedly for a song), we've been promised that our redone and renamed city course would be self-sustaining. But the reality is the general fund has been tapped regularly to meet operating expenses to the tune of $100,000 annually. Thus we have a consistent negative return on our investment… has our accumulative loss reached $1 million yet? Is Ellsworth Meadows worth our time, talent, and tokens?

Our Council recently "pulled the plug" on TECHudson, averring that we must avoid similar frivolous investments in the future (Y.D.C.?). Didn't TECHudson cost us about one-half million in its three year existence?

There is a leak in the dike. Our city manager of seven years has been deposed. Who can save us all and turn Hudson into an affordable city again?

Don Flower, Hudson

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