Letter: Shop in Hudson during the holidays


When we moved to Hudson over 25 years ago, there were little signs in every window of all the shops around town that read "Shop Hudson." My husband used to accuse me of obeying those signs to a fault. Not only were all the shops quaint and inviting, but I enjoyed the convenience of shopping just minutes from our home. In every case, I experienced personalized attention and an "aiming-to-please" attitude from the shop owners, not to mention the positive results of supporting our local economy.

Since then, our retail world has changed dramatically with the proliferation of big box stores and, of course, Internet shopping. The result is our locally owned shops have suffered, some even forced to close. Most of us moved to Hudson for many of the same reasons -- great schools, family-oriented community and a charming downtown with wonderful restaurants and stores. But here's the catch: we have to patronize the stores to keep them. This holiday season, as well as year round, please remember to "Shop Hudson" and help keep our local shops in business and our downtown thriving.

Ginny Hicks, Hudson

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