Letter: Reader hopes that Hattie's does not have to go


I learned acciden-

tally last week that Hattie's Café and Gifts will close its doors in Hudson. Having "saved" Saywell's Soda Fountain, I am saddened that such a worthy organization did not find more support in our city. Knowing how generous people from Hudson are and how actively they support valuable causes, I am at a loss as to why this particular organization did not get more support.

Perhaps the community didn't know that Hattie's Café & Gifts operates vocational programs for adults with developmental disabilities. Our patronage provides a safe and educational environment where people with developmental disabilities learn valuable and rewarding career skills as they contribute to their community. Perhaps they don't know how much dignity there is in honest work and so few places for people with developmental disabilities to find it.

Perhaps they didn't know about the back room with the cozy fireplace. Perhaps they never tried the homemade potato chips that are beyond savory. Maybe they didn't know that "Big Mike" is very generous with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. That the tuna salad sandwich is the best around and big enough for two or that their catering was excellent.

I am grateful that my children and I had an opportunity to build friendships with people without regard to their abilities. That is the heart of Hattie's mission. I encourage the reader to drop in and see the beautiful mission being lived out in our community before it's gone.

Maybe, if enough people understand what exactly is happening there on the corner of Clinton Street and Main, and are willing to pledge their support to such a worthy organization, we can find a way to save Hattie's in Hudson. Any suggestions?

Jane Martin, Hudson

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