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Letter: Summit County prosecutor responds to letter on special needs education

Published: February 20, 2013 12:00 AM

As the mother of a

son with autism and a resident of Hudson, I am responding to the letter in the Feb. 13 Hudson Hub ("Feels Hudson special education costs are too high") criticizing special education spending by the Hudson School District.

Let me first say I believe every resident has the right to question how tax dollars are spent in our community. However, to express one's views in such an arrogant, ignorant and offensive manner as the writer did is beyond all bounds of human decency and compassion. To suggest that my child and millions of other children in our nation are the way they are because of poor water quality or a "disadvantaged gene pool" is the most disgusting and degrading commentary I have ever read. All parents should be offended and insulted by these comments.

Perhaps the rise in special needs students in our district is a direct result of Hudson being one of the best school districts in Ohio. Is it truly so outrageous to believe that families would move into a well-performing district in order to provide their children with the best possible education? Perhaps an increased cost per student simply means that Hudson has "got it right" -- a sense of understanding and compassion that shows we care about the special needs children in our community. Are they not truly the most innocent and deserving of us all?

It's hard for the parent of a special needs child to express the experience in words. Perhaps the most difficult challenge is not knowing what the future will bring and a sense that your child will never become 100 percent "self reliant." However, I take pride in knowing that my special needs child will never deliberately make statements that resemble the offensive and hurtful comments made in the letter.

Sherri Bevan Walsh,

Summit County Prosecutor

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