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Letter: Children of Ubumi Launches new website

Published: February 6, 2013 12:00 AM

It is with great joy that

after a long, quiet period I am finally able to announce that Children of Ubumi has a website suitable for Hudson's little orphanage in Zambia. For those of you who don't know the story of how our city came to work with an AIDS orphanage, I invite you to check out the new website at children-of-ubumi.org.If you would like to follow what is happening there, please sign in to the website. The sign-in list will be used to notify you when there is new information.

In 2009, at the request of 2,600 Hudson school children, Hudson City Council agreed to "adopt" the Ubumi Transit Home as a testament to the global concerns of its citizens. Children of Ubumi partners with Ubumi Africa, a Zambian NGO in our mutual concern: the care of AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children. We do so not only for obvious humanitarian reasons; but because the staggering number of homeless orphans in sub-Saharan Africa poses a serious threat to global stability.

Partnering with Ubumi Africa offers Hudson children and families the opportunity to have direct, accountable, and personal impact on needy Zambian children, and puts a human face on this work both for the children we serve, and for ourselves.We have learned that making a global difference need not require a great deal of effort or detract from other worthy causes.It only requires enough people to care just a little. Children of Ubumi invites you to join us in whatever way works for you and welcomes you to this little corner of the world via children-of-ubumi.org.

Penny Frese, Executive Director,

Children of Ubumi

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