Letter: Says adding more guns at schools is not the answer


Responding to the

writer who proposes posting volunteer deputy sheriffs in Hudson schools, my first response is, "Who do we think such persons might be?" Retired elderly? Stay-at-home moms? Who is it that will be available to volunteer during regular business hours other than unemployed wannabe cops? None other than your standard security guard with a gun, but not realistically trained at the same level as a police officer.

Where we need to focus our attention and our capital is on why we might need armed guards in the first place. It is a complex stew of access to guns, mental health and a culture of gratuitous violence. Well, that's too difficult and bears too many partisan elements, so let's just put a bandage on it by incorporating the convoluted logic of adding more guns. In case you have forgotten, please recall the recent Bonnie and Clyde car chase and shoot-out in Cleveland which left two apparently unarmed persons dead at the hands of Cleveland's finest.

As for simple security steps, might I suggest installation of escape doors on all ground floor classrooms wired into the existing security systems. Outdoors is a better refuge than a closet or a desk.

Carl J. Kotheimer, Hudson

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  • There should be a policeman at every school in the country. Inner-city schools have police and you don't hear about mass shootings in the urban schools. They happen in places like Hudson.