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Letter: Says it's hard not to be negative about presidential election

Published: November 11, 2012 4:07 AM

It has been an "interesting" presidential election season, in the same sense that a train wreck is interesting: painful to watch, but somehow fascinating.It started with the circus that was the Republican primary, which included a plethora of unlikely candidates, some of whom I don't think were even qualified to be a high school class president, and simply gambled on our being so angry with the current state of affairs that we would be dumb enough to vote for them.Fortunately, the circus eventually left town and we were left with two reasonable choices. Unfortunately, we the public had to endure a barrage of political ads that used the time-honored methods of half-truths, deceit and fear-mongering. It made reality shows such as "Survivor" and "The Bachelor" look stately and dignified by comparison. In addition, the sheer number of ads, commercials, mailings, etc. was endearing, in the same way that a stalker can be endearing. It also gave me the impression that the political campaigns thought we all suffered from some sort of neurological disorder related to short-term memory loss, and we repeatedly forgot the ads we just saw 30 seconds ago.Regardless of who the winner is, he can look forward to working with Congress: a group of legislators constantly striving to stoop to new lows in bickering and incompetence, and who are so dysfunctional that their idea of compromise is not to fling feces at each other.Yes, we had a clear choice for president; I myself voted for Martin Sheen from "The West Wing."Kesavan Srinivasan, Hudson

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