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Hudson fifth-grade trip planned to Henry Ford Museum in Michigan

by Mike lesko | reporter Published: September 4, 2016 12:00 AM

Hudson -- Fifth-graders at East Woods Elementary School will get a chance to visit the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Mich.

The one-day trip is planned for May 22.

"It's a great opportunity," East Woods Principal Michael Sedlak said. "This trip would be a direct tie-in to the school curriculum."

The cost of the trip is $135 per student which includes lunch and dinner. There is no cost to the School Board or the school district, Sedlak said. The trip will be handled by Discovery Tours, which will provide a manager for each bus.

School officials introduced plans for the trip at the Aug. 22 Hudson Board of Education meeting. Superintendent Phil Herman said the item will be on the Sept. 12 School Board agenda for consideration for approval.

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"It's a great idea," School Board President David Zuro said. "Dearborn is not that far from here. It's a prime time in fifth-graders' growth and development to appreciate something like this."

Sedlak said the Henry Ford Museum has more than 21 exhibits, where there are about 250 acres, while Greenfield Village has more than 80 acres.

"They moved the Wright Brothers' workshop from Dayton [to Greenfield Village]," Sedlak said. "They moved Abraham Lincoln's law office and Thomas Edison's laboratory to this area, which has an authentic feel for the time period. Students learn what it was like to live back in that time."

East Woods teacher Mary Gladstone, who is volunteering to help out on the trip, said she visited the two Dearborn facilities with her father when she was in fifth-grade.

"When I heard about this field trip, I saw how it could really connect with everything we have been doing this school year," she said.

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Gladstone said she believes it was educational reformer John Dewey who said regarding children, "To be a passive receiver is nothing like being a doer and experiencing."

School Board member James Field said the learning opportunities on a trip like this are "amazing."

Field said he visited Greenfield Village when he was about 10. He said he remembered seeing the Menlo Park exhibit, symbolic of Edison's experimental workshop in Menlo Park, N.J., and an electric light bulb representing the one that Edison invented.

"That should definitely be an excellent trip," Field said.

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