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Jury continues to deliberate on James Bressi verdicts

Trial for former doctor began Aug. 14

by Laura Freeman | Reporter Published: August 27, 2014 4:38 PM
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UPDATE 8/28 - Jury deliberations continue. Will reconvene at 8:30 on Friday, Aug. 29.

Akron — The jury of eight men and four women continues to deliberate the case of former doctor James P. Bressi, 60, of Victoria Parkway, Hudson.

The jury Aug. 25 began considering the verdicts for 27 indictments for rape and other sex offenses against Bressi, a former doctor of ostepathathic manipulative treatment. He plead not guilty to all charges and testified in his own defense.

The trial began Aug. 14 with 11 victims testifying about sexual misconduct at the Summit Pain Management on Allen Road in Stow, which Bressi owned and managed.


Bressi pulls out objects from pants pocket as defense

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Concerned_Citizen_2 Aug 29, 2014 9:47 AM

I'm a 51 yr. old attractive female & I was solely Dr. Bressi's patient constantly for 14 years. He did all the treatments mentioned in the trial to me many, many, times. I've been prescribed high doses of Fentanyl patches & other narcotics for 25 yrs. & I've used a cane &/or wheelchair.  My appointments were only with him and we were alone during at least 50 office visits & many proceedures. He had so many opportunities & I fit the profile of a patient vulnerable to the alleged crimes since my quality of life totally depends upon my doctor's management of my pain which includes a dependence on high doses of potent narcotics. NOT ONCE did he do ANYTHING inappropriate! He was a professional gentleman. The alledged actions are NOT WITHIN HIS CHARACTER! NO WAY! Dr. Bressi's attorney was right to say the prosecuter is trying to pile up so much sh** in hopes the jury will think if there's alot of it, something about this smells bad. Well, THE LAW STATES the jury must find him NOT QUILTY if, based on the PREPONDERANCE OF EVIDENCE, a reasonable and prudent person would find there is REASONABLE DOUBT AS TO WHETHER HE DID WHAT HE IS ACCUSED OF. There IS NO EVIDENCE HE DID THESE CRIMES. There is only people's accusations & we must consider that those people may have been denied narcotics or other drugs, have personal treatment issues or other possible motives for accusing him and they also have $25,000 reasons... that they may gain from their civil lawsuits, which they are more likely to win if he is found quilty in criminal court. SO THERE COULD BE MANY REASONS THAT THE ALLEGED VICTIMS' WORD (WHICH IS THE ONLY EVIDENCE PRESENTED) CAN BE DOUBTED. LACK OF CREDIBILITY ALONE IS ENOUGH FOR REASONABLE DOUBT OF HIS QUILT. I WANT TO BE CLEAR...I DON'T WANT ANYONE to be mistreated in ANY WAY by their doctor or anyone! In America, we are innocent until proven quilty. BASED ON MY LONGTERM EXTENSIVE PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE OF HIS CHARACTER AS HIS PATIENT AND THE EVIDENCE OR LACK THEREOF, which the media covering the trial says was PRESENTED AT THE TRIAL, there is MORE THAN REASONABLE DOUBT SO DR BRESSI SHOULD BE FOUND NOT GUILTY. UNLESS THE MEDIA COVERING THE TRIAL HAS FAILED TO TELL US ABOUT SOME CRITICAL EVIDENCE PRESENTED AT TRIAL WHICH REMOVES THE OBVIOUS REASONABLE DOUBT, DR. BRESSI SHOULD BE FOUND INNOCENT!