Nation's first truck driver safety subscription launched in Northeast Ohio


Hudson - Every year in the U.S. there are more than 390,000 truck accidents. An Ohio-based company,, is working to lower that number by offering the nation's first subscription-based driver safety training program.

Since most companies with delivery trucks cannot afford to provide their truck drivers on-going safety training (or training at all), offers safety sheets - small safety posters - for professional drivers. Every month, these sheets focus on specific topics such as backing safety, railroad crossings, safety gear or avoiding rear-end collisions. Subscriptions for two, four or eight sheets per month keep these concepts in front of the drivers.

"It's an affordable way for companies to keep safety on the minds of employees behind the wheel," said founder, Brian Diehl. "Our safety sheets can also pay for themselves. Beyond their ability to help decrease accidents, many insurance companies offer discounts to clients with driver safety programs. We offer a foundation to a qualifying program."

In addition, safety sheets help retain drivers and improve morale through monthly contests, giveaways and interesting trivia. "Our goal is to create a product that sticks with the drivers and helps them realize their company cares about their safety," Diehl said.

Prior to founding, Diehl worked with a leader in truck driver safety training, developing more than 1,000 safety sheets for the waste management industry. These clients have reported fewer accidents and are enjoying lowered insurance premiums as a result of the safety programs. focuses on safety sheet creation while their strategic partner provides safety videos, driver retention programs and more. Due to contractual reasons, cannot offer their safety sheets to waste management companies. But, any other company with trucks can benefit from years of experience.

Many companies do little to improve driver safety beyond an occasional safety poster in a break room. operates on the premise that safety posters are forgotten after a week or less. The contention is that most safety posters contain too much information - too many words and rarely catch the attention of their intended audience. Posters from offer professional artwork and short, easy-to-remember messages that keep driver safety top-of-mind.

With programs starting at $50 per month, provides any company an affordable foundation to their new or existing safety program. Plus, subscribers can add Spanish or French translations or their own company logo for a nominal fee. Posters are delivered electronically, allowing subscribers to print or email these 8.5"x11" messages. This provides flexibility, instant access and saves shipping and handling costs.

Since 2007, the artists, writers and trainers at have been designing affordable, educational, entertaining and engaging safety posters for companies with vehicles. They employ award-winning designers to help drive safety messages home and to capture driver attention.

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