Gables of Hudson honored for energy efficiency

by Laura Freeman | Reporter Published:

Hudson -- Efficiency Smart presented the Ambassador of Energy Efficiency Award to the Gables of Hudson, 5400 Darrow Road, Dec. 12 in recognition of its commitment and innovation in reducing energy use.

The Ambassador of Energy Efficiency Award recognizes electric customers that have completed energy efficiency projects that results in significant energy savings for the community.

Efficiency Smart Director of Business Development Carl Andre, with Account Manager Mike Jackson and Energy Consultant Justin Kale, presented the award to Gables of Hudson CEO Mike Wojno and Project Manager David Nemer. Hudson Interim City Manager Scott Schroyer and Economic Development Director Chuck Wiedie were present for the award.

The Gables of Hudson, an 86,000-square-foot senior assisted living facility in Hudson, implemented energy-efficient measures during its construction. The facility opened in September.

Hudson Public Power purchases power from American Municipal Power Inc. for more than 5,000 residential customers and 800 commercial properties. The city recently completed a three-year contract with Efficiency Smart, which offered programs to save on electric consumption and reduce electric costs.

Efficiency Smart's services include rebates for energy-efficient residential products; free removal of old, inefficient refrigerators and freezers from homes; and rebates for more than 90 energy-efficient products and services for businesses.

"Many of the city's electric customers have benefitted by participating in Efficiency Smart and completing energy efficiency facility projects," said Frank Comeriato, Hudson public works director. "These customers have contributed to the reduction of energy use, thereby reducing the load on the power grid and contributing to the reduction of our overall carbon footprint."

Efficiency Smart serves 40 municipalities, and Gables of Hudson was the 19th of thousands of projects to receive the Ambassador of Energy Efficiency Award, Andre said. He also presented an $8,000 check to Gables of Hudson.

The Gables of Hudson's energy-saving measures included more than 100 efficient ceiling fans, 100 exhaust ceiling fans, more than 80 compact fluorescent exterior lighting fixtures, two-sided light-emitting diode exit signs, more than 100 efficient reach-in refrigerators and efficient ice-maker, and interior lighting system that uses 6 percent less power density than energy code standard.

The energy-saving measures will save 196,000 kilowatts annually with $18,000 in cost savings annually and $229,200 over the lifetime of the installed measures, Andre said.


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