360-Public offers comprehensive comparison of schools

by Tim Troglen | reporter Published:

Hudson -- A local company is offering parents, administrators and community members access to a statewide educational comparison platform.

The web platform, 360-Public, is owned by Public Insight, of Hudson, and combines more than 10 available databases for easy access and comparison.

The site offers easy-to-understand graphics, charts, census data, information from the Ohio Department of Education and a variety of sources of school performance data, according to Dan Quigg, chief executive officer.

"I don't know of any platform that has the integration of the data like we do," Quigg said. "And we provide much more in-depth visualization and analytics."

The platform, which was launched in June, contains data from all public school databases in Ohio. Users can do "in a few mouse clicks" at the 360-Public site, what would take them hours at other sites, Quigg said.

The site offers several levels of analysis, with increasing levels of reporting and data analysis tools offered at different cost levels for school systems and researchers. There is no charge to use the basic public search and analysis tools.

"The public version of the site lets parents check the performance of their kids' school, whether they're shopping around for the best public schools or want to find out how their children's current school stacks up to other districts,'' Quigg said. "Since the cost of computing essentially halves every year, we're able to deliver a tremendously powerful tool that puts critical information into a parent's hands right from their kitchen table. This wouldn't have been technically possible just five years ago."

Quigg described the 360-Public platform as an educational tool for users.

"If you're interested in how your school is performing, relative to other schools, or you're interested in basic information about your school, the site is going to be very valuable," Quigg said. "We've done nothing you can't do for yourself -- we've just made it a whole lot easier."

Several Ohio districts, including Hudson, are or will be using the site, Quigg said.

"The district is going to be using the site and we introduced it to our principals last week," Hudson Communications Manager Sheryl Sheatzley said Dec. 10. "It's a very good site to compare school data in many different ways."

Superintendent Phil Herman agreed.

"It has some great tools for comparing school districts and even for analyzing data on our own district," Herman said.

The district pays $3,995 per year for the service, according to Treasurer Kathryn Sines.

The company launched its national college database Dec. 11 and hopes to soon offer kindergarten through 12th grade information "state-by-state."

The site was created to provide data, not to interpret or analyze the data, according to Quigg.

"Public Insight believes passionately in making data--and its analysis--easily accessible and understandable to everyone," Quigg added. "We think 360-Public is the perfect tool to do that."

For more information visit www.360-public.com. or call Jessica Blaine at 330-656-9206 or send an email to Jessica.Blaine@publicinsightcorp.com.

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