The Hudson fleet keeps the city moving

by Laura Freeman | Reporter Published:

Hudson -- As part of a series of presentations to educate Council about city departments, the fleet division explained the need for vehicles, maintenance and a replacement schedule at a recent city council meeting.

The fleet maintenance division is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the public works department's rolling fleet and equipment. The division also maintains vehicles and equipment for community development, IS/GIS, engineering and city administration, according to Frank Comeriato, director of public works.

"Public works must have reliable vehicles to do its work," Comeriato said.

The fleet department completes approximately 600 work orders annually. The fleet fund is budgeted to receive $1.4 million in revenue from other departments from charging for labor, parts and materials to their vehicles.

The fleet fund has expenses of $500,000 per year to replace vehicles in its own department. Along with personnel the total expenses for 2014 is budgeted for $1.48 million and will result in a negative run rate of $65,621. The carryover from 2013 will leave the department with a balance of $57,261.

Staffing includes a shared superintendent, shared assistant superintendent, a fleet facilities specialist and a maintenance mechanic.

The maintenance mechanic makes repairs to reduce outside cost, Comeriato said. If a job will take a lot of hours, the work is contracted out.

"We do more preventive maintenance in house," Comeriato said.

Comeriato said the city has 134 vehicles with two to be auctioned. The 134 vehicles are shared among 236 employees but 53 are used for specific services such as eight for power line work; 17 for snow and ice removal and leaf pickup, two for the jet/vac truck and TV truck, three are ambulances, 10 are for fire and Haz-Mat response and 12 are police patrol cars with one patrol motorcycle.

The fleet department uses a computerized maintenance management system to manage the maintenance and replacement schedule for city vehicles, construction equipment and maintenance equipment, Comeriato said.

In addition, the fleet has an inventory of more than 90 pieces of construction and specialized equipment such as backhoes, generators, equipment trailers and mowers.


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