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Eco Applicators hopes to put a dent in ever-increasing bacterial war

by Tim Troglen | reporter Published: June 19, 2013 12:00 AM
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Hudson -- A product being distributed by a local company has been on the front lines in the war on staff infections, including MRSA, and a plethora of other germs and bacteria.

Eco Applicators LLC, 70 W. Streetsboro St., Suite 101 in Hudson has been distributing its antimicrobial spray since 2012 and hopes to become the leader in stopping all types of germs, including "super bugs" in the near future.

"Our NanoTech Spray can help be part of the solution to this ever-growing problem," Tom Murphy, president of Eco Applicators said. "Our product oxidizes at the molecular level, killing bugs non-discriminately, and since the killing mechanism is not chemical, the germs cannot adapt and become stronger."

Murphy, a resident of Hudson, said the mineral-based product, when sprayed on a surface, reacts to light and bonds itself to the surface. The product can last up to a year on surfaces. The product is not a "spray on and wipe off" product.

"It's very cutting edge, new stuff," Murphy said.

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The company conducted an independent study using the product on shopping cart handles. The handles were treated, then tested 22 months later. The tested carts were 99.7-percent effective against staff infections, Murphy said.

"Hospital and community acquired infections are growing at an alarming rate," Murphy said. "Staph infections like MRSA are being contracted by athletes in all types of athletic settings, from professional levels to high schools and grade schools."

The company's product is being used in locker rooms, gymnasium floors and mats used for a variety of sporting events. High schools, colleges and some pro sports teams across the country have utilized the spray, which will not wash off of a surface even when industrial cleaners are used, Murphy said.

Statistics show that more than 100,000 people will die this year due to hospital-acquired infections.

"Most of the applications have been athletic, but there are some medical facility testing being done," Murphy said. "I think the medical applications will be where the growth will be because of the high infection rates in hospitals and nursing homes."

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For now, the product is only available for commercial use.

"We've got some plans for the future to have it in an aerosol can for small things," Murphy said.

The company has five full-time employees and 15 independent contractors spread across the U.S.

The product is safe to humans, animals and the environment, according to Murphy.

The company was started by David Dickens and Frank Kelly.

"Their inspiration was two-fold," Murphy said. "Dave's son was diagnosed with MRSA, most likely contracted at a local hockey facility. As he did research on the infection and its prevention he came across our current product."

The product also provided a solution for another business venture Dickens was involved in -- cleaning shopping carts for retail customers, Murphy said.

"As they did their research they realized that the mineral based product had multiple areas of use, such as infection prevention for medical, athletic and commercial facilities," said Murphy, who has 25 years in the pharmaceutical business, most recently serving as CEO of Ben Venue Laboratories.

The company does not manufacture the product but is a distributor.

For more information, call 1-855-326-2775 or visit www.ecoapplicators.com.

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