Letter from editor Stephanie Fellenstein: January 2014

by Stephanie Fellenstein Published:

Hudson is my town.

OK, so I don't actually live in Hudson. Nor did I attend

Hudson City Schools. But for the past 12 years -- almost eight years with Hudson Monthly -- I have driven Hudson's roads, attended meetings and told her stories.

I was here for the 10th anniversary of the merger. I covered hours and hours of meetings about plans for the new library and First & Main. I've seen new buildings sprout up on the campus of Western Reserve Academy and have toured some of the earliest structures that frame the Green. I love the history that surrounds the town -- both old, like David Hudson, and new, like First & Main.

And don't get me started about the people. I have met some fantastic people over the years. I like listening to their stories and I always seem to learn something new. But with these relationships comes great responsibility. Hudsonites have entrusted us with their stories, and we are committed to retelling them in the best possible way.

That said, we've freshened up Hudson Monthly a bit. Actually, I had very little to do with that. I sat down with RPC's very talented graphic artist Brett Della Santina to talk about Hudson. We met off and on for a couple months. He would leave those meetings and then, in what seemed like minutes, sheets of paper filled with ideas would hit my desk. We tweaked those ideas and this January issue is the result. (Check out the cool "passport stamp" he made on Page 17.)

We've also added "Hudson Voices" to our repertoire. If you, or someone you know, would like to submit an article, we would be happy to consider it for publication. Have you taken an amazing photograph recently? Send it on over to us -- sfellenstein@recordpub.com -- and it could be the next "Parting Shot."

We have a lot more exciting ideas that you will see coming to fruition over the next year. Let us know what you think. Because as much as Hudson is my town, it is even more yours.

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