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HCTV schedule for May 8-14

Published: May 7, 2017 12:00 AM
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Watch the HCTV channels online: watch.hudsoncommunity.tv

From that site, you can also choose from over 300 archived programs to view on demand.

The Spring Hudson High School Orchestra concert from last week will begin airing Monday evening. The Spring HHS Band concert is scheduled to start Wednesday evening (be sure to watch the finale!).

The East Woods Elementary 4th and 5th grade orchestras presented their spring concert last week, with selections such as "Over the Rainbow," "Slavonic Waltz" and "Power Rock," including the music of Queen. The program was recorded by Kabir Bhatia.

The Cleveland Jazz Orchestra concert at Hudson High School will be shown this week.

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This week, KBTime features a history of WKBF-TV, Cleveland's first commercial UHF station, along with a field report with John Adams, long-time bleacher drummer for the Cleveland Indians, and a mental magic trick with Fabulous Frank Youngwerth.

Forum 360 presents the National Commander of Jewish War Veterans, interviewed by Sally Henning.

The May edition of Scenes & Things in remembrance of the shootings at Kent State University on May 4, 1970, Meg walks you through the days leading up to May 4.

The City Club of Cleveland presents two panel discussions - Breaking The Ice: The Future of Offshore Wind Power in NE Ohio and Youth Forum: Energy.

Hudson Rotary Club features Rotary President and Mayor David Basil with the club assembly.

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The 1/2 Hour Show presents "Balloon Animals at High Noon."

Tom Vince presents the life of polar explorer Lincoln Ellsworth, the son of Hudson town benefactor James W. Ellsworth, detailing Lincoln's life of adventure that includes conquering both Earth Poles and becoming one of the greatest explorers in history, taped by Nick Zaklanovich and Allyn Marzulla.

The Environmental Awareness Committee (EAC) of the City of Hudson presents "The Hudson Solar Symposium" recorded at the Hudson Library on April 19th.

From the HCTV archives, the book "67 Shots: Kent State and the End of American Innocence" was presented by author Howard Means at the Hudson Library & Historical Association.

Monday, May 8

10 a.m. Ellsworth-Kilbourn

10:30 a.m. Solar Symposium

Noon Rotary: Basil

1 p.m. CC: Wind Power

2 p.m. KSU: 67 Shots

3 p.m. Recovery

4 p.m. KB Time

4:30 p.m. Cleveland Jazz

6 p.m. Rotary:

7 p.m. Lincoln Ellsworth

8 p.m. HHS Orchestra

10 p.m. KSU: 67 Shots

11 p.m. CC: Energy

Tuesday, May 9

7 a.m. Cleveland Jazz

8 a.m. KSU: 67 Shots

10 a.m. Time to Cook

10:30 a.m. Forum 360

11 a.m. CC: Energy

Noon Lincoln Ellsworth

1 p.m. EW Orchestra

1:30 p.m. KBTime

2 p.m. CC: Wind Power

3 p.m. Phase II

4 p.m. Genealogy

5 p.m. HHS Orchestra

7 p.m. EW Orchestra

7:30 p.m. Cleveland Jazz

9 p.m. Solar Symposium

10:30 p.m. KB Time

11 p.m. CC: Wind Power

Wednesday, May 10

7 a.m. Lincoln Ellsworth

8 a.m. EW Orchestra

8:30 a.m. Time to Cook

9 a.m. CC: Wind Power

10 a.m. HHS Orchestra

Noon Cleveland Jazz

1:30 p.m. KB Time

2 p.m. KSU: 67 Shots

3 p.m. Lincoln Ellsworth

4 p.m. HHS Band Concert

6 p.m. CC: Energy

7 p.m. EW Orchestra

7:30 p.m. Forum 360

8 p.m. HHS Bands

10 p.m. Rotary: Basil

11 p.m. KSU: 67 Shots

Thursday, May 11

7 a.m. CC: Energy

8 a.m. HHS Band Concert

10 a.m. KB Time

10:30 a.m. Solar Symposium

Noon: KSU: 67 Shots

1 p.m. CC: Wind Power

2 p.m. Recovery

3 p.m. Ellsworth-Kilbourn

3:30 p.m. KBTime

4 p.m. EW Orchestra

4:30 p.m. Cleveland Jazz

6 p.m. Time to Cook

6:30 p.m. EW Orchestra

7 p.m. HHS Orchestra

9 p.m. Lincoln Ellsworth

10 p.m. Ultimate Game

10:30 p.m. Forum 360

11 p.m. CC: Energy

Friday, May 12

7 a.m. Solar Symposium

8:30 a.m. KB Time

9 a.m. Lincoln Ellsworth

10 a.m. HHS Band Concert

Noon Rotary: Basil

1 p.m. Forum 360

1:30 p.m. Cleveland Jazz

3 p.m. CC: Wind Power

4 p.m. EW Orchestra

4:30 p.m. KBTime

5 p.m. Lincoln Ellsworth

6 p.m. KSU: 67 Shots

7 p.m. HHS Band Concert

9 p.m. CC: Energy

10 p.m. 1/2 Hour Show

10:30 p.m. Cleveland Jazz

Saturday, May 13

7 a.m. CC: Wind Power

8 a.m. Genealogy Sources

9 a.m. HHS Band Concert

11 a.m. Lincoln Ellsworth

Noon Cleveland Jazz

1:30 p.m. CC: Energy

2:30 p.m. Recovery

3:30 p.m. KB Time

4 p.m. HHS Orchestra

6 p.m. Solar Symposium

7:30 p.m. EW Orchestra

8 p.m. Scenes

8:30 p.m. Cleveland Jazz

10 p.m. 1/2 Hour Show

10:30 p.m. Bad Movie


Sunday, May 14

7 a.m. Cleveland Jazz

8:30 a.m. CC: Energy

9:30 a.m. Ellsworth-Kilbourn

10 a.m. KSU: 67 Shots

11 a.m. Forum 360

11:30 a.m. FCC 11:59

Noon 1st Congregational

1 p.m. Gloria Dei

2:30 p.m. Solar Symposium

4 p.m. HHS Orchestra

6 p.m. Rotary: Basil

7 p.m. KBTime

7:30 p.m. EW Orchestra

8 p.m. HHS Band Concert

10 p.m. Ultimate Game

10:30 p.m. KBTime

11 p.m. Lincoln Ellsworth

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