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By LAURA FREEMAN Reporter Published: February 26, 2017 12:00 AM

Program Schedule for Feb. 27 March 5

Music from the Buckeye State presents a thrilling program of keyboard virtuosity as professors Donna Lee and Jerry Wong of Kent State University perform the late works of Brahms, Schubert and Beethoven as part of the Kent Keyboard Series. The program is produced by Brian Suntken.

The Hudson Rotary Club welcomed Heather Hodges, former U.S. Ambassador to Moldova and Ecuador and current president of the Cleveland Council on World Affairs.

The next edition of Ultimate Game Challenge shows the military battle of Capture the Flag in Stratego.

Time to Cook presents Dinner from Fridge Staples with pasta and chicken breasts, by Cable 9.

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A new edition of Forum 360 welcomes basketball legend Campy Russell talking about the Cavs.

The City Club of Cleveland presents Uniting: The Power of Philanthropy with August Napoli, CEO of United Way of Greater Cleveland and The Future of East Cleveland with Ndeda Letson and Cassi Pittman, Ph.D.

Scenes & Things shares a weekend in Columbus, squished into a half hour, visiting the Cat Caf, Book Loft, North Market and the Columbus Museum of Art, produced by Meg Andrus.

The February Hudson Heritage Association meeting featured Cynthia Druckenbrod of the Cleveland Botanical Garden showing beautiful gardens of the NE Ohio area.

Hudson Library & Historical Society presents the historical novelist Tracy Chevalier.

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KB Time presents Sara Hume, curator of the Kent State University Museum, focusing on fashion, the history of dress and the underlying relationships to economic and political change. Current and upcoming exhibits include "Fashions of Southern Africa" and "The 1980s: An Age of Excess."

The Really Bad Movie features "The Fat Man" (1951). J. Scott Smart reprises his radio role as detective Matt Runyan to solve a murder. Also starring Julie London, Rock Hudson and Emmit Kelly.

From the HCTV Archives: 50 Great American Places by Brent Glass, former director of the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, Looking Back: Lewis Walker, HHA: Euclid Golf Neighborhood: The Hudson Connection and Taste of Hudson 2008.

The HCTV channels can be viewed online: www.hudsoncommunitytv.viebit.com

Visit the HCTV Facebook page: www.facebook.com/hudsoncommunitytv.

Monday, Feb. 27

10 a.m. HHA: Gardens

11:30 a.m. Scenes

Noon Rotary: Hodges

1 p.m. CClub: Uniting

2 p.m. Ultimate Game

2:30 p.m. KB Time

3 p.m. Lewis Walker

4 p.m. 50 Great Places

5 p.m. Steve McCurry

6 p.m. Rotary: Hodges

7 p.m. Euclid Golf

8 p.m. Tracy Chevalier

9 p.m. CClub: Cleveland

10 p.m. Rep. Roegner

11 p.m. Lewis Walker

Tuesday, Feb. 28

7 a.m. Buckeye Music

8:30 a.m. KB Time

9 a.m. Lewis Walker

10 a.m. Time to Cook

10:30 a.m. Forum 360

11 a.m. Euclid Golf

Noon Steve McCurry

1 p.m. 50 Great Places

2 p.m. Taste of Hudson

2:30 p.m. Tracy Thomas

3:30 p.m. Tracy Chevalier

4:30 p.m. CClub: Uniting

5:30 p.m. Rep. Roegner

6:30 p.m. Buckeye Music

8 p.m. Trumpet at the Walls

10 p.m. HHA: Gardens

11:30 p.m. KB Time

Wednesday, March 1

7 a.m. Steve McCurry

8 a.m. Taste of Hudson

8:30 a.m. Time to Cook

9 a.m. CClub: Uniting

10 a.m. 50 Great Places

11 a.m. Tracy Chevalier

Noon Buckeye Music

1:30 p.m. KB Time

2 p.m. Polka Time

3 p.m. HHA: Gardens

4:30 p.m. Lew Walker

5:30 p.m. Tracy Chevalier

6:30 p.m. Club: Cleveland

7:30 p.m. Forum 360

8 p.m. Buckeye Music

9:30 p.m. Scenes

10 p.m. Rotary: Hodges

11 p.m. Tracy Thomas

Thursday, March 2

7 a.m. Scenes

7:30 a.m. Chevalier

8:30 a.m. KB Time

9 a.m. Rep. Roegner

10 a.m. Euclid Golf

11 a.m. Lew Walker

Noon: CClub: Cleveland

1 p.m. Steve McCurry

2 p.m. Tracy Thomas

3 p.m. Tracy Chevalier

4 p.m. 50 Great Places

5 p.m. Club: Uniting

6 p.m. Time to Cook

6:30 p.m. Buckeye Music

8 p.m. HHA: Gardens

9:30 p.m. KB Time

10 p.m. Ultimate Game

10:30 p.m. Forum 360

11 p.m. Steve McCurry

Friday, March 3

7 a.m. CClub: Uniting

8:30 a.m. Scenes

9 a.m. Polka Time

10 a.m. Tracy Thomas

11 a.m. Tracy Chevalier

Noon Rotary: Hodges

1 p.m. Forum 360

1:30 p.m. Rep. Roegner

2:30 p.m. KB Time

3 p.m. Euclid Golf

4 p.m. Lew Walker

5 p.m. Steve McCurry

6 p.m. 50 Great Places

7 p.m. CClub: Cleveland

8 p.m. Buckeye Music

9:30 p.m. Taste Hudson

10 p.m. 1/2 Hour Show

10:30 p.m. KB Time

11 p.m. CClub: Uniting

Saturday, March 4

7 a.m. CClub: Uniting

8 a.m. KB Time

8:30 a.m. 50 Great Places

9:30 a.m. Euclid Golf

10:30 a.m. Time to Cook

11 a.m. Steve McCurry

Noon Trumpet at Walls

2 p.m. Buckeye Music

3:30 p.m. CClub: Cleveland

4:30 p.m. Tracy Thomas

5:30 p.m. Taste Hudson

6 p.m. Rep. Roegner

7 p.m. HHA: Gardens

8:30 p.m. KB Time

9 p.m. Tracy Chevalier

10 p.m. 1/2 Hour Show

10:30 p.m. Bad Movie

Sunday, March 5

7 a.m. Steve McCurry

8 a.m. Rep. Roegner

9 a.m. Lew Walker

10 a.m. CClub: Uniting

11 a.m. Forum 360

11:30 a.m. FCC 11:59

Noon 1st Congregational

1 p.m. Gloria Dei

2:30 p.m. HHA: Gardens

4 p.m. Trumpet at Walls

6 p.m. Rotary: Hodges

7 p.m. Polka Time

8 p.m. Buckeye Music

9:30 p.m. Scenes

10 p.m. Ultimate Game

10:30 p.m. KB Time

11 p.m. CClub: Cleveland

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