Valley Christian Academy celebrates Veterans Day on Nov. 6


For Veteran's Day, fifth graders from Valley Christian Academy honored veterans on Nov. 6.

For their class mission project, each fifth grader selected a friend or family member who had served in the U.S. military and wrote a report about their veteran. The students saved their own money and bought each veteran a flag lapel pin. One veteran, Donald Fox, drove from Pittsburgh for the assembly. He told the school administrator, "The lapel pin my granddaughter pinned on me means more to me than any of my other pins. I'm not taking this one off."

The veterans were treated to punch and cookies and an assembly including the presentation of flags, patriotic songs, and a talk about courage and life as an Airborne soldier in America's Iraqi Freedom Mission, presented by Lt. Col. (Retired) Thomas Lippert.

During the questions and answer session at the end, students heard about veterans who rode in cramped tanks, how a live grenade was mistakenly dropped during training (thankfully, no one was hurt), and how soldiers in the Korean War were given rations from World War II, which were approximately 20 years old. For a meal, they were given a can with five cigarettes, a smaller can with food and a wrapped chocolate inside.

The veterans were appreciative of the thankfulness and respect the students showed them. A few commented that it doesn't happen very often.

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