AED response system offered to Hudson businesses


Through a gift from EMS Outreach of Hudson, the City of Hudson subscribes to the AED Link service. AED Link is notified when there is a potential sudden cardiac arrest situation. If, while registering your AED, businesses chose "Public" in the availability section, your AED would be displayed. Owners/site managers choose the time it is available.

The National AED Registry gives AED owners the ability to manage their AEDs and make sure they are working when needed. The Registry also offers AED owners the chance to save a life of a sudden cardiac arrest victim nearby. When AEDs are entered into the National AED Registry, there is an opportunity for site managers to select or solicit individuals in their organization to become a "Responder." This is done upon entering new AED information or can be done afterwards by editing the AED.

If responders choose not to be notified and do not want to participate, they can still use the Responder page to maintain certification information for them.

If businesses have any questions on how have an AED responders added to their AED system, or to have an AED added to the business, please contact

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