Commutations and pardons granted by Obama

The Associated Press Published:

President Barack Obama on Thursday commuted the sentences of eight people convicted of crimes related to selling drugs:

-- Clarence Aaron of Mobile, Ala., sentenced in 1993 to life in prison

-- Stephanie Yvette George of Pensacola, Fla., sentenced in 1997 to life

-- Ezell Gilbert of Tampa, Fla., sentenced in 1997 to 24 years, commuted to time served

-- Helen R. Alexander Gray of Ty Ty, Ga., sentenced in 1996 to 20 years

-- Jason Hernandez of McKinney, Tex., sentenced in 1998 to life, commuted to 20 years

-- Ricky Eugene Patterson of Fort Pierce, Fla., sentenced in 1995 to life

-- Billy Ray Wheelock of Belton, Tex., sentenced in 1993 to life

-- Reynolds Allen Wintersmith Jr. of Rockford, Ill., sentenced in 1994 to life

The president pardoned 13 other people:

-- William Ricardo Alvarez of Marietta, Ga., sentenced in 1997 in Puerto Rico to nine months in prison on heroin charges

-- Charlie Lee Davis Jr. of Wetumpka, Ala., sentenced in 1995 to seven years on cocaine charges

-- Ronald Eugene Greenwood of Crane, Mo., sentenced in 1996 in South Dakota to home confinement and probation for conspiracy to violate the Clean Water Act

-- Little Joe Hatch of Lake Placid, Fla., sentenced in 1990 to five years on a marijuana charge

-- Martin Alan Hatcher of Foley, Ala., sentenced in 1992 to five years' probation on marijuana charges

-- Derek James Laliberte of Auburn, Maine, sentenced in 1992 to 18 months for money laundering

-- Alfred J. Mack of Manassas, Va., sentenced in 1982 in the District of Columbia to 18 months to four years on a heroin charge

-- Robert Andrew Schindler of Goshen, Va., sentenced in 1996 in Utah to home confinement and probation on conspiracy to commit wire fraud and mail fraud

-- Willie Shaw Jr. of Myrtle Beach, S.C., sentenced in 1974 to 15 years for armed bank robbery

-- Kimberly Lynn Stout of Bassett, Va., sentenced in 1993 a day imprisonment and five months home confinement for embezzlement

-- Bernard Anthony Sutton Jr. of Norfolk, Va., sentenced in 1989 to probation for theft

-- Chris Deann Switzer of Omaha, Neb., sentenced in 1996 to home confinement and probation for conspiracy to violate narcotics laws

-- Miles Thomas Wilson of Williamsburg, Ohio, sentenced in 1981 to three years for mail fraud

Source: The White House.

Each was convicted in their home state, unless otherwise noted.

For the commutations, the president ordered that their sentences expire on April 17, except where noted.