Virtue-Moir bemoan coach's unavailability

BARRY WILNER AP Sports Writer Published:

SOCHI, Russia (AP) -- Canadian ice dance silver medalists Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are bemoaning the split allegiance of coach Marina Zoueva, who also works with American gold medalists Meryl Davis and Charlie White.

Moir says that "we sometimes felt like (Zoueva) wasn't in our corner."

He spoke Tuesday hours after the free dance was won by their training partners. He added that the team "had some odd things happen this year. We expected Marina to be on our team and work with us like in Vancouver."

That didn't happen for the defending gold medalists, although they insisted they understood why Zoueva spent so much time with Davis and White. Moir said "the shoe was on the other foot."

Zoueva did not immediately respond to messages from The Associated Press.