Cruciani poised for global growth

BY JENNIFER CLARK Associated Press Published:

MILAN (AP) -- Italian cashmere maker Cruciani survived the economic crisis by focusing on clover-shaped lace macrame bracelets that became a global hit, and now it plans to grow by expanding its accessories line.

Cruciani CEO Luca Caprai says the challenge is to avoid being a one-hit wonder. He is investing millions to build up the original Cruciani cashmere brand and the younger Cruciani C accessories line, which includes the bracelets worn by such stars as Beyonce and Heidi Klum.

Caprai told journalists on the sidelines of Milan Fashion Week Friday that he aims to grow revenue to 193 million euros by 2018 from an estimated 41.9 million at end-March.

Bracelets will continue to be a focus, adapting to local themes like the World Cup in Brazil and China's mid-September Harvest Moon holiday.